Space Science & Engineering Laboratory


SSEL (Space Science and Engineering Lab) is an engineering and science working group founded with a twofold objective.

On the one hand, to participate in engineering developments in the space domain, with a special focus on electronics, SW and FPGA. On the other hand, to provide a solid partner for possible participation in mission science segment and ground instrumentation.

To do so, SSEL benefits from the condition of being both a public institution that can both join engineering and science consortia and response call from international and national level calls, and also a team with large industry experience.

Currently, there are 5 engineers and 3 scientist with SSEL. As a team, SSEL is member of two international consortia of ESA missions with engineering and science participation: the Euclid Mission and the CORE Mission.

SSEL also participates in ground developments for astronomical observation, such as the AOLI consortium, together with Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias and the Univ. of Cambridge, among others.